In addition to teachers who else should we be arming? (Part 1: Yoga Instructors)

CHICAGO, IL- In the wake of yet another school shooting, President Trump called for arming some teachers. The intriguing idea has sparked a broader discussion. Who else should we be arming? To answer this question, our team has launched a multi-part investigative report.

In the first part of our series, we consider the idea of weaponizing yoga instructors. Clearly their low-key and zen demeanor make them unsuspecting gun carriers. That is precisely why they make such good candidates for bearing arms.

“I just wanted to stretch a bit and let out my stress, but the gun definitely changed the vibe,” said one yogi. “Not really what I would have guessed, but if it makes us all safer, then I suppose it’s worth a try.”

Others raised a few concerns: “I really doubt my yoga instructor knows how to fire a weapon. She’s a pacifist and only weighs about 80 pounds. She’s very flexible, but still not sure that qualifies her to discharge a weapon.”

Time will tell who gets chosen for handouts if and when federal gun distribution centers are established. For now, the debate continues….