In addition to teachers who else should we be arming? (Part 2: Real Estate Agent)

CHICAGO, IL- In the wake of yet another school shooting, President Trump called for arming some teachers. The intriguing idea has sparked a broader discussion. Who else should we be arming? To answer this question, our team has launched a multi-part investigative report….

In the second part of our series, we consider the idea of weaponizing real estate agents. Their familiarity with deal making suggests they could be well suited for on-the-fly life or death decisions. Seamlessly adding a gun to an already deep arsenal of tools (e.g., cell phone, business cards) just makes sense.

“Yea, we felt really comfortable with Susie once we saw her firearm,” said one recent home buyer. “The others agents we met knew the market a little better and had more insight into pocket listings, but they didn’t have guns. It just didn’t seem like a safe financial decision to go with anyone else.”

For their part, the US Real Estate Agent Union offered some doubts. “While our member base are extremely smart and well qualified at helping with home transactions, we are less certain of their ability to handle lethal weapons. After all, I’ve seen an agent spend 15 minutes just trying to figure out a loose deadbolt at an open house.”

Perhaps real estate agents will be next in line after teachers to get weapons? The debate continues….