GOP seeks to swap 1st and 2nd amendment to better reflect their priorities

WASHINGTON, DC- In a surprise move, several Republican Congressmen are working to draft legislation that would change the US Constitution and swap the order of the first and second amendments. This action would put the issue of gun rights at the top of the Bill of Rights and, as many Republicans believe, better reflect the values of many Americans.

While the first amendment – protecting the right of free speech (among other things) – is widely believed to be a good thing, there is waning support to keep it in the number one spot. As one American put it, “free speech had a good run, no doubt, but nothing lasts forever and I think it’s time for new first amendment.”

While the bill is still being drafted, early reports suggest Republicans will take advantage of rising gun violence and use that as leverage to advocate for the swap in order. “Every day we pick up the paper and read about gun violence. There’s literally something on the front page involving guns and other weapons every single day. On the other hand, how often do you read about free speech on the front page?” offers one of the bill’s sponsors.

However, as expected with an issue as contentious as changing the Constitution, there are plenty of people on both sides of the equation. One liberal had this to say, “I think these Republicans should keep their mouths shut. They have no right to say whatever’s on their minds and carelessly propose these outrageous changes.”

For the moment, one thing is clear… freedom of speech will retain its place in the number one spot, but a well-armed number two appears to be closing in.