BREAKING: Ted Cruz releases small whimper of a fart, his first since 2008

DES MOINES, IA- After finishing a passionate rally with supporters in Iowa, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) inadvertently let a small fart slip while talking to reporters. This is the first known flatulent from the notoriously uptight conservative Republican in nearly ten years.

“It sounded like a chipmunk letting out its last gasp of air after dying slowly under the weight of fallen branch,” said one reporter with the Associated Press.

For his part, Senator Cruz was quick to dismiss the fart and simply lifted an eyebrow and pointed to the guy standing next to him.

With several months to go until the mid-term elections, it will be very telling to see how this plays into the political fray. As one reporter from Reuters who also witnessed the report said: “as pathetic as that fart sounded, it was still easier on the ears than most of what comes out of Washington these days.”