US Weekly and The Economist collaboration off to shaky start

NEW YORK, NY- Many suspected there would be challenges when US Weekly and The Economist launched a joint venture earlier this year. Expectations were high. Each magazine boasts excellent readership in their respective categories. However, the magazine mash-up has so far faced mixed reaction.

“I’m not sure how I feel about seeing economists in their bathing suit,” said a long-time The Economist reader. “That said, who knew Stiglitz had such a rockin’ body?” The comment, apparently a reaction to the ‘Who Wore it BEST’ section featuring famous economists at the beach.

Other people were not so forgiving. “I don’t wanna read this shit!” said a long-time US Weekly reader. “Who cares what’s happening in South America? And all these nerds talking about the economy; I just don’t care. Although, I will say that I like the part about Big Mac’s around the world.  That made me hungry.”

For their part, the join editorial board is committed to finding the right balance. “We recognize different audiences want different things,” said the acting Editor-in-Chief. “We’re already making changes. I think our readers will be very impressed next month when we send our ‘Fashion Police’ to Syria.”