Stay at home dad too literal; watches helplessly as kids play outside

PORTLAND, OR- Parental norms continue to shift and the number of stay at home dads appears to be on the rise. However, one man’s interpretation of the job has others rethinking the risks.

“It was a fairly normal Tuesday. The sun was out, light wind from the southeast at about 6 miles per hour. Nothing too unusual,” recounts the man. “Then, out of nowhere, my two children make a break for the backyard door and run towards the swing set. I felt so helpless.”

His feeling of uselessness as his children played outside was driven by this dad’s very literal interpretation of “stay at home.” It wasn’t until his wife came home from work and relieved him of his duties that the man felt comfortable stepping into the backyard and rejoining his children.

“I’ve learned a very valuable lesson today,” the man tells us. “Tomorrow and everyday moving forward, I’m going to make sure all the exterior doors are locked so that I fulfill my commitment as a responsible stay at home dad.”