Six years into marriage, Kathy realizes Fred faking sense of humor

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Initially she thought he was so funny with just the right line at the right moment. But then, Kathy realized her husband of nearly six years had been cheating the whole marriage. He was just referencing old jokes from Seinfeld. “If I had watched the show I might have known but I was busy living my life during the 90’s,” she tells us between sobs. “Looking back, it makes perfect sense. There were times when he would say something like ‘What’s the deal with Ovaltine?’ and everyone around us would laugh. I always chuckled because it seemed like a spontaneous thing to say. Now I know it’s some sick, twisted joke made twenty years ago on the show.” When asked for a comment, Fred simply said “well, that’s a shame” and walked awkwardly off into the distance.