Parents enraged as child struggles to speak Spanish following two week Dora marathon

DENVER, CO- Tim and Jennifer Hamilton thought they were doing the right thing. After years of struggling to find ways to expose their son Timmy Jr. to new cultures, they formulated a plan.They recorded nearly two weeks worth of Dora the Explorer episodes and put him in front of the TV expecting him to learn the basics of Spanish. However, Timmy emerged from this marathon with a virtually non-existent Spanish vocabulary and an unhealthy obsession with big red chickens.

“We can’t believe,” Jennifer said as she spun her wedding ring nervously. “Dora is so interactive and she is always speaking Spanish. Maybe Timmy is just an idiot.”

Tim clearly expressed anger as he tells his side of the story. “We gave Timmy water, crackers, and even upped his Ritalin dose. He sat there staring at the TV for two weeks. The whole time he was talking with Dora and Boots and all the other horrible creatures on the show. But once we turned off the TV, we couldn’t even get a single ‘hola’ out of him.”

It seems this experiment did not play out the way Tim and Jennifer had hoped. Yet, there was at least one positive outcome. “While Timmy Jr. was busy watching TV we were able to sneak away for a few nights in Aspen,” Jennifer told us. “Um, yea… I suppose I’d do it again in hindsight.”