Nearly 4% of Trader Joe’s profit from groceries you crushed while bagging

MONROVIA, CA- What seems like an innocuous act is actually driving big bucks for your neighborhood grocery store. In a leaked memo, it seems that nearly 4% of Trader Joe’s bottom line profit is driven by customers repurchasing products that were squished during self-bagging. Not surprising, the most common categories included: eggs, bread, and potato chips. As one analyst put it, “this is a brilliant move where the company benefits from lower labor costs and, at the same time, drives greater revenue.”

The grocery chain could not be reached for immediate comment, but there have been early reports that they will be piloting a series of new programs aimed at educating customers. Rumored topics include: how to bag your own groceries, how to clean the parking lot of abandoned shopping carts, and how to tell someone you really do like them even though you brought Two Buck Chuck to the party.