Crowd stunned as Amtrak train arrives safely, on time

NEW YORK, NY- “Shocked… just completely stunned,” was the reaction from one woman from the Upper East Side as she looked at the Amtrak arrival board. She left her apartment early to pick up her sister from Penn Station, fully expecting to wait hours in frustration. Instead, the train was showing on time.

Others in the crowd of onlookers seemed equally puzzled. “Is it a glitch?” wondered a man looking dumbfounded. “I keep waiting for the board to update with ‘delayed’ but it’s holding steady with an on time arrival.”

This might be the first bit of good news for the troubled railway in a long time. In recent months, Amtrak has been dogged by horrible accidents and tardy schedules.

However, experts advise not to get too excited by one data point. “Only time will tell if Amtrak can repeat this performance,” said a man with apparent knowledge on the subject. “In the meantime, we continue to advise travelers to bring a change of clothes and enough water to last for three days when boarding and train with a more than 60 minute anticipated travel time.”