Chocolate makers botch Valentine’s Day with ill-conceived product lines

HERSHEY, PA- There are few gifts quite as iconic as a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. However, slumping chocolate sales have forced manufacturers to get creative this season. Perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea.

Earlier this year, a well-respected ad agency helped one major chocolate manufacturer come up with an innovative product line. Deciding that the heart had run it’s course, the agency recommended boxes in the shape of other body parts.

“The heart is classic; it’s iconic,” said an executive from the ad agency. “But why be ordinary. Valentine’s Day all about expressing your individuality. With that in mind, we created a series of boxes shaped after other organs in the body.”

Immediate reaction to the new boxes was decidedly bad.

“He handed me the box and I was just confused,” said a woman and not-so-proud gift recipient. “It had a bow on top and I sort of thought it would be chocolate. It is Valentine’s Day after-all. But why would you think it’s OK to give a box of chocolates in the shape lung. We’re not in such a good spot with our relationship at the moment.”

Another man expressed regret about his Valentine’s gift. “I didn’t really know what a spleen was but I assumed it was a good thing. Why else would they sell chocolate in that shape?”  Indeed, that appears to be the question marketers in Candyland are asking themselves today.