Leaves fall, panic spreads that sky might be next

SARATOGA SPRINGS- It’s an autumn ritual, but the shedding of leaves this year is causing some people to fear. It appears a growing cohort of skeptical individuals are interpreting the falling of leaves as an omen, giving rise to a concern that the sky might be next.

“WTF? Doesn’t this happen every year?”
We asked one of the more vocal members of this cohort about the origins of this belief and here is what she had to say: “Some believe that the ‘sky is falling’ is mere colloquialism. However, it actually depicts an event described in scriptures about the end of the world. In those same scriptures, the falling of leaves is an early indicator that the end is near.”

Others do not seem to agree with this prediction. One botanist we spoke with had this to say: “WTF? Doesn’t this happen every year? And, besides, I don’t even know what it means to have the sky fall. It’s not like a piece of painted sheetrock that could accidently crumble and fall on us.”

It appears only time will tell who is on the right side of this mystery. However, as this writer watches a red leaf slowly fall from a nearby branch, I cannot help but wonder what might be coming next.