Stephen Colbert shocked to learn the “t” in his last name isn’t silent

MONTCLAIR, NJ- In a stunning revelation, it appears Stephen Colbert isn’t really the Colbert he claims to be. Newly released records show that Stephen’s great, great, great grandfather was named Huckabee Colburt. Mr. Colburt’s last name clearing ended in a hard “t” sound. (At Ellis Island, the “u” in his last name was changed to an “e” making it easier for the Irish in New York to pronounce.)

One wonders if Stephen would have found as much success earlier in his career on Comedy Central with a different moniker. After all, The Colbert Report just wouldn’t have the same ring as The Colbert Report.

This new finding could shake-up late night TV in the coming months. Colbert has found great success on top of the ratings chart with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. No doubt, his loyal nation of fans will begin to flee once they realize he is not who he has claimed to be all these years. Time will tell how Stephen responds and when (if) he can recover from these shocking revelations.