NFL to shine light back on spinal injuries as concussion debate rages on

MINNEAPOLIS- As fans gear up for Superbowl LII, a shadow looms tall over the NFL. The debate about concussion related injuries continues to plague the league. In fact, a report recently stated 2017 showed concussions rose to a six year high.

Now, the NFL has an ingenious PR campaign to shift focus. A memo leaked by sources suggests a plan to move attention back to spinal injuries. The memo cites a person close to the game as saying, “the concussions are so damaging, anything that distracts from that conversation is good news.”

The move comes amidst a major shift in viewership for the league. Sports Illustrated recently noted that TV ratings were way down in the most recent season. Some suggest the headlines around concussions are a key driver of this decline.

Not willing to speak on the record, a former player had this to say: “the concussion situation is out of control and we need to find a way to protect our players.” He went on to say, “but, you know, spinal injuries suck big time too!  Who the hell would let there kids even play this sport anymore?”